Why Join Us?

  • Save money on marketing costs: via negotiated national contracts with vendors and consolidated digital marketing efforts.
  • Close more business: Active nurturing of leads, higher quality leads, appropriate reputation management and effective company validation will lead to higher closing rates.
  • Save on Cost of Goods: through leveraged group purchasing power, we will negotiate better pricing for you Higher levels of service and support: Manufacturers provide higher levels of service and support due to consolidated buying power obtained via the consortium
  • Save time: By allowing us to run your marketing campaigns you will save countless hours negotiating with vendors
  • Increased product availability: Leveraged buying power not only provides higher levels of pricing tiers, but also allows for us to reach a greater range of manufacturers.
  • Less Risk: Have you ever spent money on marketing campaigns that didn’t work? Let our experience help steer you away from these marketing pitfalls.
  • Shared best practices: As a consortium of similar but non-competing businesses, we foster shared learning and idea generation via numerous communication mediums to include monthly phone calls and our dealer portal on the website.
  • Shared creative resources: Dealers have access to our image library. We encourage all dealers to share resources, especially imagery and video for the group via a very simple upload and download process in our dealer portal. All imagery will be professionally optimized for best use (print and digital if applicable).